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Stella ST105U

Stella ST105U This is a 1953 vintage set which uses the same chassis as the Phillps 131U and 210U. I bought the set in 2002 as scrap. The front of the case was badly damaged and beyond any repair.
So it remained in my garage waiting to be scrapped but I did put a note on the site looking for a case and after 4 years one turned up.
This is the case a bit scratched but complete.
Stella 105U Chassis This is the original chassis with many years of dirt in place. The valve lineup is UCH42 UF41 UBC41 UL41 UY41. Note the repair to the dropper resistor.
Stella ST105U Underchassis The underside of the chassis.Shows little sign of repair but some of the black capacitors hav cracked.
Cracked Capacitors A closeup view of the damaged components.
ST105U circuit sheet 1ST105U Circuit sheet 2


Last updated 24.8.2006

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