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Vidor 396 Mains/Battery Portable

Vidor 396 This set has had a hard life. Look at the condition of the tuning dial,very little can be seen through it. But its complete. The right hand compartment hold the batteries and the mains lead. Valves: DK91 DF91 DAF91 DL94 and EZ41 Vidor 396
396 Backview 396 PSU Two views of the partly stripped set. Some rust on the underside of the top and the rubber cased wiring is breaking up.
Vidor 396 Dial The dial assembly. Note the dirt. And on the right with the set nearly out of its case, the ammount of rust can be seen. Vidor 396 Panel
The ammount of damage caused by the heat from the rectifier can be seen at the bottom of the picture. Also the state of the wax capacitors, most have leaked. Mostly it is baked on dirt so it should clean off. Vidor 396 underchassis Another problem is that the primary of the power transformer has leads with rubber coating, this is brittle and breaking up. An obvious hazard.

This set was released in in November 1949. There is a Vidor 396A the only difference is the method of fixing the chassis to the case. It looks as if this set has spent many years on mains power. And with Vidors method of construction its a challenge to get at some of the components to change them. The case is a bit battered but of Vidors usual stout construction and the top panel needs a respay.


Last updated 21.5.2006

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